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S3 Object Storage

S3 compatible object store built forlarge scale AI/ML and database workloads.

S3 and Swift compatible

Object storage in short

An Object Store consists of objects and the objects’ metadata. An object is the actual file and metadata is the related information you can attach to the file. Examples of Object storage are the storage of unstructured data such as music, images and videos. But also backups, database dumps, log files and big data sets.

The Object Store provides a distributed and highly scalable storage architecture that manages data as objects. Unlike file system storage which organizes data according to a hierarchy of folders and files, Object storage has a flat structure of containers that contain the objects. The advantage of this is that object storage can be scaled to a much greater extent than file-based storage.
Data in object storage can be accessed directly through APIs or http(s), unlike block storage which is only accessible through an operating system.

Object storage
secure object storage

ideal for Healthcare Information Systems

What can you use Fuga Object Store for

  • Automatically make a copy of your AWS S3 or Azure Blob Store to the Fuga Object Store so that you always have a backup with a Dutch provider
  • Use the Fuga Object Store as a safe place for your servers Snapshots
  • Use ARQ backup for an automatic backup to your object store 
  • Use the files from your object store in your application, restAPI or via the web (for example as a static file hosting for the static pages of your website)
  • And of course, any “regular” storage (music, images, videos, documents, log files, database dumps, datasets and backups) for which you would like to use an Object store

Fuga Cloud Object Store

Object storage is very suitable as low-cost storage,
for example for virtual machine images, snapshots, photos, video and backups.

There’s nothing worse than losing data or not being able to notify your customers when an outage is resolved. By placing data in two Object Stores at different providers, you ensure a redundant geographically separated solution and you are provider independent. This minimizes the risk of data loss and allows you to switch in no time in the event of a failure of your provider. Fuga Cloud Store is, therefore, an ideal backup, for example of your S3 Object Store.

Fuga Cloud Object storage consists of clustered enterprise storage hardware and is designed to scale easily when using large amounts of data. Our Object Store is AVG ready, ISO27001 and ISO20000 certified. In this way, together we ensure that you too can be GDPR compliant. The Fuga Cloud Object Store is also NEN7510 certified and thus meets the strict security requirements required for the storage of sensitive information such as patient data. We treat the healthcare information systems with extra special care and are happy to help ensure that the infrastructure complies with all laws and regulations.

Perfect for


The Fuga Cloud Object Store ensures that files are easily accessible via an API or URL. You can access any object via HTTP or HTTPS, making object storage very versatile whether it's providing back-end origin to a CDN, storing and serving documents and files, or storing entire static websites. Your data can be accessed directly via the API, which is ideal for applications that contain large amounts of data. The Object store works serverless and is therefore accessible everywhere and easy to use in combination with other apps or servers in other clouds or on-prem.

Auto scalable

The Object Store automatically grows with you as you add data and shrinks again as you delete data. There are no limits to the number of objects you can store, so you'll never run out of space. We do not work with a minimum purchase or a long-term commitment. Not very familiar with (automatic) scaling of your environment? Our Fuga Academy may be able to help you with it.

Safe and reliable

Fuga Cloud Object Store offers you a versatile data storage solution that allows you to access your files anytime, anywhere. It is ideal for storing large amounts of (static) data, archive data and backups. You can save objects so that only you can access them, or you can make them publicly available to everyone. Your data is stored three times in at least three different locations to minimize data loss. File exchange runs via encrypted connections (TLS) and Fuga Cloud provides automatic file encryption in transit and at rest.

Why choose us for your storage?

"We are growing the Fuga Cloud platform together with our partners and bringing it as close as possible to the user, enabling our customers to create services that can be used limitlessly in a fast, reliable, secure, and sustainable manner”

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