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Operating the Fuga Cloud dashboard doesn’t require rocket scientists – it’s user-friendly with fast and secure API access. It seamlessly works with various advanced tools and technologies, requiring only basic developer cloud knowledge. Our platform speeds up time to value, prioritizing security and compliance for a smooth business transformation, with a touch of transatlantic flair.

Our smart multi-cloud strategy maximizes performance across diverse cloud environments, providing unmatched flexibility and resiliency.

Learning enterprise managed Kubernetes

What we have to offer

We provide assistance in architecture and first and second day operations support (tech onboarding)

  • Tutorials and How-To’s in our Fuga Academy
  • Documentation, release notes, blogs and  (tech) articles
  • Talk to a Human – support via tickets, chat, email and phone

We do NOT offer Kubernetes Training/Education

tech-2-tech support

Product Highlights

All Fuga Cloud Products you need are available in our
dashboard and easy to combine with your EMK resources.

With its OpenStack foundation, Fuga Cloud provides a starting point for unparalleled ownership, control and flexibility over data and infrastructure, enabling businesses to automate and streamline application and infrastructure deployments, simplifying the process, reducing errors and promoting flawlessly consistent infrastructure deployment .

Our platform takes the lead in security with rock-solid data encryption, robust access controls, and unwavering adherence to the best industry standards and EU mandates. A wealth of metrics gives insight into usage and performance, and available auto-scaling and hibernation tools deliver unprecedented cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality, making it a great tool for achieving Green-IT ambitions.

Built voor Enterprise business, Managed because it’s a service, Kubernetes because it’s cloudnative / kewl / the future!

Paul Bankert – CEO Fuga Cloud

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