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This gives you the freedom to choose a well-suited solution for your project.


This gives you the freedom to choose a well-suited solution for your project.


This gives you the freedom to choose a well-suited solution for your project.


This gives you the freedom to choose a well-suited solution for your project.

Compute offers several flavor types: Entry Level (t), Standard (s), Balanced (c), Memory Optimized (m), CPU Optimized (p), GPU (g) and Enterprise Managed Kubernetes (emk1).
This gives you the freedom to create a solution best suited for your project without paying too much for resources you might not need.

Entry Level flavor sizes are more cost-effective for running small, non-resource intensive applications than our Balanced, Memory Optimized and CPU Optimized flavor types. So if you don’t require a lot of resources, choose an Entry Level Flavor.

The Balanced flavor type has a healthy amount of memory tuned to host and scale applications like blogs, web applications, testing/staging environments, in-memory caching and databases.

Memory optimized flavor types are ideal for tasks that require intensive use of memory and are perfectly suited for:

  • High-performance, relational (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra) databases.
  • Distributed web-scale cache stores that provide in-memory caching of key-value type data (Memcached and Redis).
  • In-memory databases using optimized data storage formats and analytics for business intelligence (for example, SAP HANA).
  • Applications performing real-time processing of big unstructured data (financial services, Hadoop/Spark clusters).
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) applications.


CPU optimized flavor types are perfectly suited for:

  • CI/CD servers
  • Batch-processing workloads
  • Media transcoding
  • High-performance web servers
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Scientific modeling
  • Dedicated gaming servers and ad serving engines
  • Machine learning inference and other compute-intensive applications

Entry level

Name MemoryvCPUsSSDPrice
t2.micro600 MB1 core10 GB€3,63/mo
t2.tiny900 MB1 core15 GB€5,45/mo
t2.small1200 MB1 core20 GB€7,26/mo
t3.small7680 MB1 core25 GB€25,99/mo
t3.medium15360 MB4 cores50 GB€51,98/mo
t3.large30720 MB8 cores100 GB€103,95/mo


Name MemoryvCPUsSSDPrice
s3.small2 GB1 core25 GB€16,50/mo
s3.medium4 GB2 core50 GB€33,00/mo
s3.large8 GB4 core100 GB€66,00/mo
s3.xlarge16 GB8 core200 GB€132,00/mo


Name MemoryvCPUsSSDPrice
c3.small3.8 GB1 core25 GB€30,30/mo
c3.medium7.5 GB2 core50 GB€53,63/mo
c3.large15 GB4 core100 GB€107,25/mo
c3.xlarge30 GB8 core200 GB€219,86/mo
c3.2xlarge45 GB12 cores300 GB€337,84/mo
c3.4xlarge60 GB16 cores400 GB€471,90/mo

Memory Optimized

Name MemoryvCPUsSSDPrice
m2.medium30 GB2 core25 GB€99,00/mo
m2.large60 GB4 core50 GB€198,00/mo
m2.xlarge90 GB6 core75 GB€297,00/mo
m2.2xlarge120 GB8 core100 GB€396,00/mo
m2.4xlarge150 GB10 cores125 GB€495,00/mo
m2.8xlarge180 GB12 cores150 GB€594,00/mo

CPU Optimized

Name MemoryvCPUsSSDPrice
p2.medium1.8 GB 2 core25 GB€39,60/mo
p2.large 3.6 GB 4 core50 GB€79,60/mo
p2.xlarge 7.2 GB 8 core100 GB€158,40/mo
p2.2xlarge 10.8 GB 12 core150 GB€237,60/mo
p2.4xlarge 14.4 GB 16 cores200 GB€316,80/mo
p2.8xlarge 18.0 GB 20 cores250 GB€396,00/mo
p2.16xlarge 21.6 GB 24 cores300 GB€475,20/mo


Name MemoryvCPUsSSDPrice
g2.small61.44 GB6 core100 GB€554,40/mo
g2.medium122.88 GB12 core200 GB€924,00/mo


Name MemoryvCPUsSSDPrice
emk1.small4 GB2 core50 GB€40,70/mo
emk1.medium16 GB4 core100 GB€132,00mo
emk1.large32 GB 6 core150 GB€225,50/mo
emk1.xlarge64 GB8 core200 GB€390,51/mo

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