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Memory vCPUs SSD Disk Free traffic Price
512 MB 1 cores 10 GB 2 TB €5/mo
1024 MB 1 cores 20 GB 3 TB €10/mo
Popular 2048 MB 2 cores 40 GB 4 TB €20/mo
4096 MB 2 cores 60 GB 5 TB €40/mo
8 GB 4 cores 80 GB 6 TB €80/mo
16 GB 8 cores 160 GB 7 TB €160/mo
32 GB 12 cores 320 GB 8 TB €320/mo
64 GB 16 cores 480 GB 9 TB €640/mo
128 GB 20 cores 640 GB 10 TB €1.280/mo


There are different types of storage in Fuga Cloud:

  • Ephemeral Storage is associated with a single unique instance and is included in the instance price (see table above).
  • Persistent Volumes are manually created by users. Upon creation it is raw data, but it can be attached (mounted) to instances, partitioned and formatted.
  • With Object Storage, users access binary objects through a URL or REST API. It’s great for archiving or managing large datasets.

It’s important that you understand the difference, so you can determine which type to use. For more information you can read our documentation about storage types.

Memory Price
1 GB of Image Storage € 0,1000/mo
1 GB of Object Storage € 0,1000/mo
1 GB of Snapshot Storage € 0,1000/mo
1 GB of Volume Storage Low € 0,1500/mo
Popular 1 GB of Volume Storage Regular € 0,2500/mo
1 GB of Volume Storage High € 0,3000/mo


Create and secure your (private) network and add floating IPs to connect your application to the outside world.

Memory Price
Floating IP €1/mo

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