What is it?

Okay, admit it… you just couldn’t resist those lights.
We know, we understand, that’s the magic of our Fugatron.
Our Cloud in a Box (of the size of a microwave, Magnetron in Dutch, hence the tron).

Or scroll down to check the tech-facts of the Fugatron.

Fugatron (Cloud in a Box)

Tech Facts


  • Openstack virtualization platform
  • HA objectstore
  • Fuga EMK on premesis


  • 512 virtual cores
  • 512 GB memory (80% usable)
  • 5T aan n+2 storage,
    250K iops,
    up to 250MB/sec (single 2.5Gbit)
    or 1GB/sec through 10Gbit uplink

Example: 100 VM’s with 2 cpu’s + 4GB memory


5T of object storage (shared with Openstack/RBD volumes)

Compute specs

  • 8 nucs (NUC11TNKi5 )
  • Intel Core i5-1135G7 4200 MHz (quad core with HT)
  • 64GB memory
  • 256GB boot ssd
  • 2T nvme stroage
  • 2.5Gbit networking


  • Mikrotik router for vpn, routing, provisioning
  • Raspberry pi (netboot images) there had to be one…
  • 8 port 2.5Gbit switch with 2x 10Gbit uplink, 1 free
  • optional WiFi accesspoint

Power usage

  • Full load ~ 500 Watts
  • Normal operation ~133 Watts, all-in

Use cases

  • classrooms
  • dev environment
  • events

Want to be part of the team that’s making these kind of things, just because it’s possible?
Check our jobs-page and drop us your CV and motivation.