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Load Balancers

Your architecture as optimal and efficient as possible. Fuga Cloud Load Balancers enable you to easily deploy redundant instances and environments.

Availability, performance and scalability

Optimal and efficient

The goal of Load Balancing is to optimize the available resources. Traffic distribution allows you to maximize throughput and minimize response time. An additional advantage is that you can avoid overloading as with a single resource. By using multiple sources instead of a single component, you increase the availability and reliability of your infrastructure.

Associate an IP with the load balancer instead of the instance. Incoming traffic is then sent to the load balancer, which itself distributes the traffic among the associated instances. You then determine and configure how the load balancer distributes the incoming traffic over instances.

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Different Load Balancer Methods

Round Robin

The most widely used load balancing algorithm where traffic is routed cyclically to the available servers. The requests are thus routed to the next server in the queue in order of arrival. Round robin server load balancing works best when servers have approximately identical computing and storage capacities.

Least Connections

Least Connection load balancing is a dynamic load balancing algorithm. When a request is received, the activities of the available (application) servers are checked. The request will be distributed to the server with the least number of active connections at the time.

Source IP

In this Load Balancing method, a server is selected for the first request, and then uses the source IP address (client IP address) to identify subsequent requests from that same client and route them to the same server.

Guarantee availability

Add sustainability to your infrastructure by deploying our load balancers. Each load balancer includes built-in health monitoring and automatic failover. You can determine the setup of your health monitoring yourself. You can choose the protocol, the length of the timeout and delay and the number of retries.

SSL certificates for secure traffic

You can put your own SSL certificates in our secure Secret Store and therefore easily use them with a Fuga Cloud Load Balancer to secure your traffic with SSL configuration options. This makes it possible to guarantee safe traffic for your load balancer and application within a few clicks.

Horizontal scalability

When you make changes to your member pool, the Load Balancer will route the traffic intelligently. This allows you to make ultimate use of this service and you keep a grip on the costs you incur because you can act on the demand that is needed at that time. It is even possible to completely automate this by communicating with our API.

Why choose us for your load balancer?

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