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Unlocking the EU Cloud

Unlock your business potential in Europe with our advanced Enterprise Managed Kubernetes platform. We combine the power of the open-source EU Cloud with the scalability of Kubernetes, providing a robust solution for sustainable growth and innovation. Our platform helps you streamline complex IT structures, boost operational efficiency and speed up processes.

We prioritize data portability and digital sovereignty, allowing you to move applications seamlessly across different environments without getting tied down by vendor lock-ins. Experience a new level of efficiency, flexibility, security, and instant compliance with mandatory EU laws. Propel your business forward with a platform built for the future.

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Embrace the future of seamless scalability and unparalleled efficiency
by harnessing Kubernetes and Fuga Cloud.

Enterprise Managed Kubernetes (EMK)

Easy to use open-source container orchestration platform designed to automate the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

Horizontally Scalable Load Balancers

The essential components to ensure optimal performance, high availability, efficient failover mechanisms and seamless user experience. Easily deploy redundant instances.

S3 Object

A highly scalable and efficient way to store large volumes of unstructured data, such as images, videos, log files, backups, archives, analytics data and more.

AnyCast DNS

Optimize speed, reliability, and performance of your applications and achieve global load balancing and low latency across diverse geographic regions.

Optimize your cloud

The magic lies not in the individual components, but in the unparalleled smart combination.

Utilize our comprehensive Cloud Toolkit

With its OpenStack foundation, Fuga Cloud provides a starting point for unparalleled ownership, control and flexibility over data and infrastructure, enabling businesses to automate and streamline application and infrastructure deployments, simplifying the process, reducing errors and promoting flawlessly consistent infrastructure deployment.

Our platform takes the lead in security with rock-solid data encryption, robust access controls, and unwavering adherence to the best industry standards and EU mandates. A wealth of metrics gives insight into usage and performance, and available auto-scaling and hibernation tools deliver unprecedented cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality, making it a great tool for achieving Green-IT ambitions.

Support for Multi-Region
and Multi Availability Zone

Multi-Region and Multi Availability Zones bolster application resilience and availability by distributing resources across geographically distinct locations. They mitigate single-point failures, enhance disaster recovery, and minimize latency, ensuring uninterrupted service even during outages or disruptions, while optimizing performance for global user bases.

dashboard region choice
Hibernation dashboard

More efficient use of resources with Hibernation support

Hibernation promotes resource efficiency by allowing systems to pause and resume workloads. This conserves energy and reduces costs while maintaining data integrity. It optimizes utilization, accelerates application scaling, and provides quicker response times, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for fluctuating computing demands.

Our platform provides you with real-time data and insights to help you with a more efficient use of resources.

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