Enterprise Managed Kubernetes


Kubernetes as a Service
Available in AMS and FRA regions, and soon in the rest of the EU.

Kubernetes has never been this easy

Fuga EMK platform

With our easy to use platform you can manage all your clusters, set your region, check your usage, control hibernation and auto-scaling and get insights.

It is possible to work in more than one team and switch between them.

All your favorite tools are compatible with our platform for a smooth deploy to the Fuga Cloud.

Terraform, Ansible, ArgoCD, FluxCD

Use your favorite tools

Operating the Fuga Cloud dashboard doesn’t require rocket scientists – it’s user-friendly with fast and secure API access and seamless compatibility with a range of advanced tools and technologies. All you need is basic developer cloud knowledge. No time wasted learning yet another tool. Just use your favorite tools like Terraform, Ansible, ArgoCD, FluxCD to deploy to the Fuga Cloud.

Our platform accelerates time to value and effortlessly maintains a relentless focus on security and compliance, paving the way for business transformation with transatlantic flair.

Product Highlights

All Fuga Cloud Products you need are available in our
dashboard and easy to combine with your EMK resources.

K8s, mK8s, KaaS,

We just call it EMK

Enterprise Managed Kubernetes

Our platform provides you with real-time data and insights to help you in a more efficient use of resources. This way you can make green decisions and save money! With Fuga’s EMK you are ready for the future.

Built voor Enterprise business, Managed because it’s a service, Kubernetes because it’s cloudnative / kewl / the future!

Paul Bankert – ceo Fuga Cloud

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"We are growing the Fuga Cloud platform together with our partners and bringing it as close as possible to the user, enabling our customers to create services that can be used limitlessly in a fast, reliable, secure, and sustainable manner”

Mission statement Fuga Cloud