Freedom of choice

All your data in a secure EU cloud

Digital Sovereignty | Data Portability | GDPR Compliant

At Fuga Cloud, we redefine cloud services with a distinctly European focus, merging unparalleled support with robust security. Our personalized, tech-to-tech support ensures that businesses of all sizes receive expert, tailored assistance, setting us apart in a market dominated by generic solutions. Specializing in GDPR compliance and digital sovereignty, we provide secure, scalable cloud solutions that align with Europe’s stringent data protection standards. Choose us for a secure, supportive, and Europe-centric cloud experience.

Mission Statement

We are building the Fuga Cloud platform together with our partners and bringing it as close as possible to the user, enabling our customers to create services that can be used limitlessly in a fast, reliable, secure, and sustainable manner


Scale horizontally, vertically, or linearly for optimal performance and reduced failure risk. Fuga's Cloud infrastructure with Kubernetes ensures applications run smoothly, automatically adjusting within your budget to avoid unexpected costs and enhance sustainability.

of Choice

Opt for a multi-cloud strategy to boost redundancy, flexibility, and compliance with EU law. Fuga equips you with tools for data and service availability, ensuring continuity in case of unexpected events for disaster recovery.


Experience cloud benefits without needing your IaaS team. Fuga Cloud offers on-demand scalability, cost-efficiency, global accessibility, automated management, and rapid innovation. Simplify your cloud experience with Fuga, saving costs and boosting productivity.

Built on OpenStack, Fuga Cloud gives you unmatched control and flexibility over data and infrastructure. It enables businesses to automate and streamline application and infrastructure deployments, simplify processes, reduce errors and promote consistent infrastructure deployment.

Our platform takes the lead in security with rock-solid data encryption, robust access controls, and unwavering adherence to the best industry standards and EU mandates. A wealth of metrics gives insight into usage and performance, and available auto-scaling and hibernation tools deliver unprecedented cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality, making it a great tool for achieving Green-IT ambitions.

Globe - multi cloud

Made in Holland

Making a multi-cloud strategy a straightforward case

At Fuga we are proud to be a company with Dutch roots; made in Holland and here to stay in Holland (with regions in the EU). And we love Open Source, that is the reason we chose OpenStack as the heartbeat for our cloud platform. It makes a multi-cloud strategy a straightforward case.

We believe and work according to the 4 opens :

Open Development

Open Standards

Open Source

Open Collaboration


We are based in the Netherlands, and the company only has Dutch shareholders.

Our AMS regions use Dutch Data Centers where all data is physically located on our own machines within the data center infrastructure.

Our FRA region uses a German Data Center where all data is physically located on our own machines within the data center infrastructure.

Our Principles

We strongly believe in the Gaia-X principles and a Sovereign Cloud.
You can find them in our company DNA and our products.


Digital Sovereignty, Data protection, Modularity

No Vendor Lock-In

OpenStack, ‘4 opens’, Multi-Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud


EU-regions, Autoscaling, Load balancers, Termination on core

Cloud 2.0

Developer first, Hibernation, Self-controle, Easy Dashboard


Insights in usage, Insights in chain, tips and tricks, working on more Green-IT

Safe and secure

Certified, PEN testing, Encryption, High confidential, Redundancy

Personal service

Tech 2 Tech support, Management tools, Training and Tutorials


Usage insights, Pay per Use, transparant pricing, no hidden fees

Our Services

Enterprise Managed Kubernetes (EMK)

Easy to use open-source container orchestration platform designed to automate the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

Horizontally Scalable Load Balancers

The essential components to ensure optimal performance, high availability, efficient failover mechanisms and seamless user experience. Easily deploy redundant instances.

S3 Object Storage

A highly scalable and efficient way to store large volumes of unstructured data, such as images, videos, log files, backups, archives, analytics data and more.

AnyCast DNS Integration

Optimize speed, reliability, and performance of your applications and achieve global load balancing and low latency across diverse geographic regions.