DNS as a Service

Anycast DNS

Always a DNS server close by to respond to your DNS queries.
Reduce the latency, improve your uptime and have protection against DDoS attacks all at the same time.

Through DNS settings

More control

Easily managing your own DNS domain names from Fuga Cloud is possible with our DNS as a Service. Add your domains to Fuga Cloud and manage the DNS records from the dashboard or the API.

The Domain Name System is the system and network protocol used on the Internet to translate computer names into numerical addresses (IP addresses) and vice versa.

In the Fuga Dashboard you get the option to create, change or delete different DNS records for your own domains. Setting a wildcard or subdomain and reverse DNS is also possible here.

The following DNS records can be used within Fuga:


access dashboard

Accelerated with Anycast

Fuga's DNS service

Normally, a unique IP address is used and communication from devices connected to the network will be from source to destination, as 1-to-1. Anycast networks, on the other hand, allow multiple servers on the network to use the same IP address or a range of IP addresses. Communication with an Anycast network is 1-to-many.

So, in Anycast, one IP address can apply to multiple servers. This means that any of these DNS servers can respond to DNS queries, and usually, the closest geographically will provide the answer. This reduces latency, improves DNS resolving service uptime, and protects against DNS flood DDoS attacks.

Manage and combine

At Fuga Cloud we use many different components. Our DNS as a Service is one of those components, but it certainly does not stand alone. It communicates seamlessly with our Network Service and Compute Service so that records are automatically created when Floating IPs and Compute Instances are created.

Like all other components, it can be managed via our dashboard, CLI and API. 

Advantages of Anycast routing:

Faster connections, Simplified server configuration, High availability, DDoS Restriction

DNS records

A list of possibilities

A A stands for Address, with this you link an IPv4 address to a (sub)domain = an IP (Internet Protocol) address, for web hosting
AAAA AAAA (Quad A) records link an IPv6 address to a (sub)domain = an IP (Internet Protocol) address, for web hosting
CAA A CAA (Certification Authority Authorization) record indicates which Certificate Authority (CA) may issue an SSL certificate for this (sub)domain. = security
CNAME CNAME (Canonical Name) is used to link a subdomain to another (sub)domain = Domain name aliases, for web hosting
MX With an MX (Mail Exchanger) record you indicate the mail server so that emails can be sent = SMTP mail exchangers, for email
PTR A Pointer record converts IPv4 or IPv6 addresses into domain names. = Reverse DNS lookups, for security
SPF Stands for Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and with this you indicate which domain name or IP address can mail from your domain name = for email
SRV Indicates the location of a specific server or service
SSHFP The 'SSH public key fingerprints' where SSH stands for Secure Shell, which is a cryptographic network protocol for secure communication over an unsecured network. = for security
TXT Represents a TEXT record, for adding plaintext in DNS records. Commonly used for SPF and DKIM records. (both for email)

Pay per use

At Fuga Cloud, you only pay for the resources you need. No setup costs or minimum purchases are charged. Through our dashboard, you always have a direct and transparent overview of your usage.


We support you with the implementation, configuration, management and automation of your infrastructure via our dashboard. You can use our APIs, SDKs with Terraform or CLI for this.

Safe storage in EU

We are a 100% Dutch organization hosted in the Netherlands, in the best data centers around Europe. Fuga Cloud is ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certified and we are fully GDPR-proof.

Why choose us for your Anycast DNS?

"We are building the Fuga Cloud platform together with our partners and bringing it as close as possible to the user, enabling our customers to create services that can be used limitlessly in a fast, reliable, secure, and sustainable manner”

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