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  • Web apps

    Use your favorite frameworks and put your web application into production, reduce your time-to-market

  • Containers

    Build and implement applications faster, create your DTAP, move or relocate your containers from testing via acceptance to production

  • Orchestration tools

    Use your favorite orchestration tools, like Kubernetes, JuJu, Terraform or Docker Swarm with our powerful API

  • DevOps

    Host and use your favorite toolset for automated testing, continuous integration and deployment, monitoring and your (private) code repositories

  • Cloud Native Apps

    Respond to customer demands and bring ideas to market faster, develop cloud-native apps and run them at scale

  • Archiving

    Archive your data and back-up’s safe and redundant in the ObjectStore

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They also chose the cloud

We build software for our customers and with Fuga Cloud we are able to launch a completely new customer environment within 10 minutes spread over multiple Availability Zones. The simplicity to do that make it top-notch.

Ambrero Bart Matthaei — Eigenaar, Ambrero Software

Why Fuga Cloud?

  • Easy to contact

    At Fuga Cloud, you are in control of the design of your platform. But we love to help or advise on how you can get the best out of your platform. You can contact us directly using chat, e-mail or telephone. You are always welcome at our office in the Netherlands

  • We listen to you

    Fuga Cloud stands for continuous development. Every day we work with an Agile method for the improvement of Fuga Cloud and your voice is important in this process. New features are developed and delivered quickly by our development team in sprints (cycles) of 2 weeks

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    ISO Compliant

    Fuga Cloud is ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certified. We are a Dutch organization hosted in the Netherlands, in the best data centers. We (and you as a customer) are covered by Dutch and European legislation and regulations