Enterprise Managed Kubernetes - The new Kubernetes as a service
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Kubernetes as a service

Enterprise Managed Kubernetes

Available in AMS and FRA regions, and soon in the rest of the EU

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EMK or Enterprise Managed Kubernetes is a

  • Managed and automated enterprise grade kubernetes as a service
  • Fully compliant and designed with the highest international and European Data Privacy and Data Security standards (ISO/IEC and GDPR)
  • Direct and live Provisioning of kubernetes clusters of any size
  • Pay as you go elastic cloudinfrastructure (autoscaling / hibernation / nocontracts)
  • Service Level Agreement and supported by real humans!

Product Highlights

Focus on your applications and not your infrastructure Check all the specs

Check all the specs "

Fuga Service Offering

With Fuga Cloud you Pay per Use


Best for learning and testing for individuals or Teams,

no advanced loggings/grafana stats, best effort flavors


Best for application production environments,

access to advanced logging/grafana stats, maximum performance flavors in storage/compute


Best for very demanding production workloads or specific availability requirements,

all business features + HA control plane in multiple geographic separated locations

Show me all the specs "

Currently supporting version 1.20 - 1.26

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Isn't this your Business Case

or do you first want to get to know us a little better?

We are more than happy to have an introduction meeting before, during or after the time your develop team is testing and exploring Fuga EMK.

We can talk about your business case and our solutions, answer legal or GDPR questions, or anything else you want or need to know. Please share your business case, your needs, questions or what you are looking for,

let's Meet

We will contact you to make an appoitment for an online introduction meeting. Or send you a suggestion of what we think would be the best sollution for your case, if you want.

We are open for partnerships "

Why choose Fuga Cloud

  • No hidden fees, transparant pricing
  • Backed by 25 years of hosting/datacenter/technology industry experience (part of the Cyso group)
  • We provide open api's without vendors lockin, we believe in Freedom to choose and integrate any other solution (no lock-ins)
  • We are always improving our service and really listen to our customers
  • We believe and work according the 4 opens :
    • opendevelopment,
    • openstandards,
    • opensource,
    • opencollaboration

Learning Enterprise Managed Kubernetes

What we offer

We provide assistance in architecture and first and second day operations support (tech onboarding)

We do NOT offer Kubernetes Training/Education

EU Provider for a secure cloud

At Fuga we are proud of our Dutch roots; made in Holland and here to stay in Holland (with regions across Europe). We strongly believe in the Gaia-X principles and a Sovereign Cloud.

At Fuga we love Open Source, that is the reason we choose OpenStack as the heartbeat for our cloud-platform. It makes a multi-cloud strategy a straightforward case. We create and deliver safe, stable and innovative solutions because we all love IT.

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