Fuga OpenStack at Your Fingertips

OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform. It includes a plethora of different projects, which interact and form the OpenStack ecosystem.

In the video you can see how easy it is to start your first project on Fuga.

Why Fuga Cloud?

Fuga Cloud is the Dutch public cloud platform and one of the first in Europe. Fuga Cloud is built on OpenStack: the free and open-source software platform for cloud computing. Fuga Cloud is powered by Cyso, one of the most experienced managed hosting providers in the Netherlands.

  • Hosted in the Netherlands

    Fuga Cloud is a Dutch company with datacenters in The Netherlands. Your data is protected by Dutch and European privacy laws.

  • Pay-Per-Use

    Using Fuga Cloud requires no contracts and no commitments. Pay resources by the hour and only for what you actually use.

  • Open standards

    Fuga Cloud is built on OpenStack with no special Fuga-only features; we use purely open standards and open source software. No vendor lock-in.

  • Designed for both Dev and Ops

    Build, deploy and scale automatically using OpenStack and third party APIs. Your DevOps team is in control.

  • Transparent service

    Our features and pricing are simple and transparent. No technical tricks, unexpected billing components and other surprises.

  • High-available infrastructure

    Fuga Cloud runs on reliable enterprise infrastructure, fully managed by Cyso. You never have to worry about your platform being up.

We work with personal data, that’s why safety and security is our highest priority.

Michiel Ootjers CTO – Zaaksysteem

Read the customer case of Zaaksysteem.nl

Everything you need to get started

Fuga Cloud makes the public cloud more accessible to everyone, from novices to professional developers.

  • Overview of Fuga

    Definition and introduction to the Fuga OpenStack Cloud including key concepts and next steps for implementation.

    Checkout the overview page
  • Getting started on Fuga

    Learn how to get your first OpenStack instance up and running on Fuga in a minimal amount of time

    Create your first OpenStack instance
  • Getting started with CLI

    Learn how to get started with the Fuga command-line client (CLI) by installing, configuring, and performing commands

    Get started with the Fuga CLI

Fuga Cloud is supported by an online academy. Get help from our staff and other users.

Get your answers on the Acamdemy

Enter Fuga Cloud and create your own platform!

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