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Fuga Cloud Volume Storage

Online performance shows many similarities with top sport; every millisecond can make the difference between winning and losing. At Fuga Cloud, we realize that all too well. That is why we proudly present our Volume Storage solutions (also known as Block Storage). Extremely fast and fully redundant. Data that you place on our storage is written no less than 3 times and divided over different servers (n+2).

State-of-the-art storage solutions

Clarity about your data

Data legislation is becoming increasingly strict. That is why you want to have full control over the storage location of your data. We are completely open and transparent about where your data is stored. We guarantee that the data will remain in the region you selected (provided you set up redundancy across multiple regions). Our storage is ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and NEN7510 certified and of course GDPR ready.

Lightning fast and redundant

Nowadays, applications need to be available 24/7. And preferably very fast. Fuga Cloud offers a solution. Our storage network consists of state-of-the-art hardware and is connected via an optical fiber for the lowest possible latency. In addition, your data is written 3 times in different clusters for optimal reliability.

Volumes of any size and speed

Whether it concerns the speed or the size of your storage solution; you have full control. With three different flavors, there is always a storage solution that fits your needs. Our high-end tier offers superfast Enterprise Solid State Disks and is very suitable for mission-critical applications. In addition, you can scale a volume between 1GB and 16TB.

Perfect for

  • Database(s) and data-intensive applications

  • Extra storage for your instance(s)

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Which flavor suits your needs?

When it comes to Volume Storage we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Every application and every platform is unique and requires a matching storage solution. Fuga Cloud loves flexibility and that's why we have 3 different flavors. You can also link multiple volumes of any flavor or size to one instance. All this is made up from exclusive enterprise grade components and set up in high available redundant clusters.

What's the best choice?

Which storage solution is the best choice, depends on your service or application and how you want to access your data.
Want to know more about which storage solution fits your needs? View our storage page.

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