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Fuga Cloud is perfect for container technologies and microservices.

Build and implement applications, create your DTAP environment and move or relocate your containers from test via acceptance to production. By containerizing the application and its dependencies, the differences in OS distributions and underlying infrastructure are removed.

Containers are the solution for how you can host highly reliable software that can be migrated from one computing environment to another.

Orchestration tools

Your favorite orchestration tool, like Kubernetes, JuJu, Terraform or Docker Swarm, are easy to use in combination with our powerful API.

Orchestration tools help IT-organizations automate recurring tasks, such as installing and configuring compute instances. This means that activities can be limited to tasks that offer real value, such as the development of new features.

Easily perform recurring tasks in milliseconds that normally take several minutes or hours.

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Your archive and back-ups safe and redundant in the Object Store.

For IT-departments, archiving data and back-up is a growing challenge. The amount of archive data usually continues to grow. Our Object Store offers a cost-efficient and scalable platform for back-up and archiving, especially if the data needs to stay accessible.

When your data expands, the Object Store automatically expands along with it.

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Web Apps

Use your favorite frameworks and move your web application to production, reduce your time-to-market.

In the current economy, 24/7 availability of applications is essential. Make use of our various availability zones and ensure your customers of high availability.

Build your web application using your favorite web server(s) and database (cluster). Ready for production with our powerful compute instances and storage solutions. Fuga Cloud ensures high available services for your customers.


Host and use your favorite toolset for automated testing, continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD), monitoring and your (private) code repositories.

DevOps is a mindset, where you use an iterative process of monitoring, testing and improving the software. Through small iterations and a short release cycles, you can adapt to the ever-changing market and create better products that will fit the needs of your customer.

From idea to production, speed up your time-to-market with our on-demand cloud solutions.


Deploy your SaaS solution, automatically scalable with our powerful API, compute and storage solutions. By making your platform automatically scalable you can guarantee all your customers the best performance they need.

SaaS solutions offer, flexibility, accessibility, and scalability for customers and will make maintenance, service, and support to your customers much easier. Any new changes made in your software will be instantly available to all customers.

Cloud Native Apps

Respond to the wishes and needs of your customer, take your idea's to market, develop cloud-native apps and launch them on scale.

Everything falls into place with the on-demand cloud solution of Fuga Cloud by building and managing a cloud-native application and services. Make use the concepts of DevOps, continuous delivery, microservices and container automation and integration.

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