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Capture the state of your instance at a point in time

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What is a Snapshot?

A snapshot is a copy of the state of the instance at a particular point in time. A snapshot creates a bootable image with the current state of that instance. Snapshots are commonly used to restore an instance to that state, clone an instance or migrate an instance. Snapshot (or image storage) is part of our storage solutions

Using snapshots

Snapshots are stored redundantly (N+2) on our high available cluster. Snapshots are a fast and easy way to create and restore instances. You can take a snapshot using our user-friendly dashboard or the powerful APIs.

Snapshots are extremely useful to restore the entire instance to an earlier state. Please note that a snapshot is not the same as a file based backup. It is still recommended to create regular backups.

TIP: Shut down your instance before creating a snapshot if you want to be sure that data in transit will not be lost.

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