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What is a Cloud Instance?

A cloud instance is a virtual server instance in a cloud computing environment. It is built, hosted and delivered using a cloud computing platform, and can be accessed remotely. A cloud computing platform is a shared pool of compute resources and services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal efforts. For the most part, a cloud instance works the same way as physical servers. Dedicated compute resources are reserved for each cloud instance. Because the instance is virtualized it is hardware independent and can be easily moved from one hardware node to another. Instances therefore, share the resources of several hardware nodes making it easy to scale, more flexible, and more cost-efficient than other solutions.

Cloud instances are also known as cloud servers, virtual servers, virtual machines etc.

How do Instances work?

Cloud compute and instances are designed so you can develop and deploy applications without worrying about setting up or maintaining compute infrastructure. Cloud, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service, gives you easy access to compute resources without high investment costs up-front or expensive lease-contracts.

Deploy and scale your cloud Instance

Fuga’s cloud compute lets you rapidly deploy instances or entire platforms in no-time. It gives you the flexibility to create instances the way you want with the resources you need. When your need for resources changes, you can adjust the number of resources reserved for an instance with ease. Either use our images templates to setup your instance quickly or create your own custom images.

Cloud storage for every solution

You can either choose to use ephemeral storage that comes with your instance or boot from a redundant block-storage (Volume). Mount extra volumes for more storage or connect the Object Store to your instance for big data-sets and archiving. Make snapshots of the current state of your instances to easily return to this state in time when necessary.

Root access and Security Groups

When deploying a cloud instance, you give that instance your (public) SSH key. With this key, you will have root access in order to remotely connect to your instance. After deployment of your instance, you can add as many keys as you like. By setting up security groups you control on which network ports the instance can be reached.


With Fuga Networking you can create and setup virtual networks for your instances. Ideal to separate entire application environments. Create several local area networks (LAN or DMZ) for different roles in your platform. Use load balancing to create redundant instances or automatically scalable platforms.

All of this and more can be done using our user-friendly dashboard or through our powerful APIs.

Automate Instance deployments

With cloud instances you can easily automate the deployments of your entire platform. There are several ways of doing this using your favorite orchestration tools.

You can use cloud-init scripts to configure your instance and install applications when deploying your instance. This way you can create a LAMP server in no-time. Run your Ansible playbooks to deploy entire cloud stacks using our powerful APIs. Saltstack, Puppet, Chef, and Juju are just a few of the tools that are supported by our powerful APIs. The possibilities are endless.

Ready for automation and faster deployments? Start now.

Cloud server vs VPS vs dedicated server

Still don’t know what kind of server you need? The answer is simple. Cloud instances have several advantages over VPS and dedicated servers. You can adjust the resources of your server with ease or automatically scale entire platforms. You only pay for the resources you need and can adjust it at any time. No long-term contracts or high investment cost, simply pay for the hours you use it.

Do you want flexibility, scalability, and control over you what you pay? Start now.

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