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Automatically customizing cloud instances during deployment

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What is Cloud-init?

Cloud-init is a technology for automatically configuring cloud instances as it boots into the cloud, turning it from a generic image template into a configured server in seconds. Cloud-init is a service that is installed inside the instance and cloud-config is a set of scripts that is executed as soon as the instance is started. Cloud-config is the language of the scripts that cloud-init executes during deployment.

There are numerous things you can configure with Cloud-init. For example, you can set the instance hostname, block storage mount points, add SSH keys or install applications like Apache, PHP or MySQL.

Cloud-init tutorials

Check out these tutorials on how to quickly configure and customize your instance.

Using Cloud-init

Instead of setting up your instance by logging in to it and manually executing a few commands, you can automate it with Cloud-init. This way you can keep using the generic images of your cloud provider instead of requiring all kinds of specific images or snapshots for specific tasks.

You can easily execute your cloud-config scripts by copy & pasting them into the "Customization Script" field under the tab configuration when deploying your instance using our user-friendly dashboard. Or you can use the OpenStack command line tools.

Looking for an easy way to automatically configure your instances?

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