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Startup at Fuga

We have a great startup discovery/boarding program to make sure you get a flying start on Fuga Cloud

You can contact Martijn to schedule a discovery meet or fill in the form and we’ll send you the requested information as soon as possible.

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I'm a startup
and would love to explore Fuga Cloud!

Cloud platform

Optimize your cloud

Make use of our complete Open Source Cloud toolkit and combine everything you need with ease on our platform

Kubernetes with EMK

Container platform

Enterprise Managed Kubernetes (EMK) is our easy to use open-source container orchestration platform (k8s)


On top of the Fuga IaaS layer

Scalable Load Balancers
S3 Object storage
Anycast DNS integration
Migration service
Database as a Service (soon)

Tailor made solutions

High Confidential compute

Private regions / zones
Isolated workloads
Special / private hardware
Custom requests / pricing
Endless cloud possibilities

"We are building the Fuga Cloud platform together with our partners and bringing it as close as possible to the user, enabling our customers to create services that can be used limitlessly in a fast, reliable, secure, and sustainable manner”

Mission statement Fuga Cloud