Enterprise Managed Kubernetes specs - Fuga Cloud

EMK Specs

Transparant in what you need and get

Multiple Clusters
API and Control plane
Masters included
Masters included
HA master included (beta on request)
Grafana- Prometheus stats

(limited retention)

(full retention)

(full retention)
Autoscaling workers nodes (min/max/surge)
Multiple worker nodes groups
Multiple Availability zone support
Multiple Region Support
VPC and intracloud traffic
Intercloud traffic
External traffic
Best to start with
Managed Kubernetes Major upgrades
1.21 - 1.26
1.21 - 1.26
1.23 - 1.26
Managed minor Upgrades
Managed OS updates
CNI support
Domain/Zone Integration
Static and dynamic Kubeconfig support
Serviceaccounts support
Horizontal Pod Scaling
Vertical Pod Scaling support
Teammember Support



Flavor support
Multiple standard
Multiple extended
Mutiple custom
Node OS support
Fuga optimized
Fuga optimized
Ubuntu/Fuga optimized
Cloud Support
Ephemeral storage
Volume storage multiple ssd tiers
S3 and Swift Objecstore integration



Cloud Loadbalancer Support
Anycast DNS support

(best effort anycast)

(EU anycast)

(Global anycast)
Floating IPv4 support
Fixed IPv4 support
IPv6 support
Tech onboarding
Tutorials, selfservice
First and Second Day Ops Training
Engineering Support
Ticket, mail, chat
Phone, Ticket, mail, chat
Ticket, mail, chat, Phone, slack integation, online meet
Service Level Agreement
SLO en SLI metrics

An answer to your questions

$ Can I pay with credit card / PayPal / Bitcoins?

We accept credit cards from all major companies. However, we do not accept debit or prepaid cards from any carrier.

We also do not yet offer the option to pay via PayPal or Bitcoin.

$ Do you offer an SLA?

We have published a general SLA on our website, which applies to all our customers. ()

Depending on the services purchased and usage, specific agreements can also be made that meet the business needs and wishes of the customer. We are happy to discuss this in detail in an (online) meeting. Fill in the contact form (https://go.fuga.cloud/nice-to-meet) and let us know what you need.

$ How can I get a processing agreement?

If you, as a customer of ours, need a processing agreement, you can indicate this to your contact person and e-mail the document to him/her. Our Compliance Officer will look at it and ensure that it is signed so that the agreement can be returned. And that, of course, a copy is stored correctly with us.

$ I need a vendor assessment, how do I arrange it?

You can email the questionnaire to your contact person. He/she will ensure that the questions are answered so the list can be returned. Of course we already have the answer to many questions, but we do ask you to be patient for a few days so that we can check that the answers given are correct and up-to-date.

$ I have a special business case with specific wishes and needs, is that possible?

At Fuga we believe that anything is possible, but we like to look at a specific case first to create a realistic expectation. And of course an honest answer about the costs. We also want to think along with you about this, because an expensive solution is not always the right solution.

Send us your business case by email and we will contact you to schedule an online meeting. By emailing us your story, we can immediately put the right people at the table, or ask some additional questions first, so we use each other's time efficiently.

Fill in the contact form and let us know what you need.

$ Can I test EMK without being tied to a contract?

You can cancel at Fuga whenever you want, at any time, completely in accordance with the cloud philosophy. You are then not tied to a contract for a specific period. It is important that you cancel via the platform so that we can clean up for you, and make certain that there is no lost resource left behind that might cause an invoice.

It is possible for companies to make long-term agreements, which are, of course, subject to other conditions. Wondering which agreements are possible for your organization? Let us know via our contact form, and we will schedule an appointment.

$ How can I receive FREE test resources?

You can create a free account at Fuga. The more completely you fill your registration, the more credits you receive, so you build up extra free EMK resources. There are no costs associated with your registration, although there is a check on your credit card for €1. An iban registration is free of charge.

Furthermore, at Fuga you only pay for what you use. So per minute. (That's why Hibernation is such a nice feature in EMK). And with EMK you only pay for your worker nodes and resources, not for the master nodes or the control panel.

And if you meet us at an event, check out our stand. We often have a QRC for extra credits or you can participate in a promotion.

If you have received a credit card, voucher or promotional code from us, you can enter it on My.Fuga.Cloud within your billing information. The discount will then be automatically deducted from your invoice.

$ I have received a voucher code, where do I enter it?

If you are logged in to the Fuga platform you can click on “usage” in the bottom of the left blue side bar. This will take you to your billing overview.

On the billing page you will see “Fuga Credit balance” as the first block at the top, click on the orange button to enter your code. (Tip: if you have received a long word, just keep typing, the system will put the letters in the boxes.) After entering on the button “add voucher value to your account” and the discount will automatically be added to your credit and processed with your next invoice.

$ I want to work with a team on a project, how do I organize that?

It is possible to create a team in the Fuga platform on which you invite colleagues to participate in that team so that you can work on the project together.

You can invite a colleague to multiple teams, because the team switcher makes it easy to switch teams and therefore projects.

With teams it is easy to manage separate resources with one account and work together on your cloud infrastructure.

In the Fuga platform you can go to your account page via the avatar icon at the bottom left. Here you can create teams and add members to them.

Can't quite figure it out? Go to your inbox on the platform and create a ticket or start a chat

$ I have a technical question, who will answer me?

Our tickets and chats are answered by our Fuganeers. These are the ones who deal with the platform on a daily basis and know all the ins and outs. So you do not have to deal with a "general helpdesk" with standard (chatbot) answers.

And even if you send an email via a contact form, it will be forwarded to the Fuganeer who can provide the best answer. So you speak to real people, not chatbots, and also to technicians who understand what you are doing.

For companies it is possible to create a private Slack channel as a service appointment so that you can have an even more direct contact with the Fuganeers who can actually help you further. This is one of the means of communication we use during tech-onboarding, to make support as accessible as possible.

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