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1. Submit your email address (the one connected to your account), your friend’s name and his/her email address in the form below.

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3 reasons for choosing Fuga

1. 100% Dutch

We use Dutch data centers and your data is protected by Dutch and European privacy laws. Fuga customers aren't affected by the Safe Harbor agreement or the new EU-US Privacy Shield, which hasn't been ratified yet. With Fuga you comply with Dutch and European legislation and privacy policies on the protection of your own and your customers' data.

2. No vendor lock-in

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are self-built platforms. Fuga is based on OpenStack, which is open source software. This allows you to easily migrate your data and applications to other OpenStack cloud providers, should you want to do so. Choosing an open source solution prevents you from getting locked-in by the cloud platform you use, which is the case with AWS. By using Fuga, you choose flexibility and freedom.

3. No additional costs

With Fuga, you can select the most suitable configuration for your needs and immediately know what it will cost. With AWS and Azure you pay for every IOPS (read and write) transaction; Fuga doesn't charge for these unpredictable variables. The only thing you have to pay for, apart from your configuration, is traffic.

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