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Fuga Cloud Object Store

Fuga Cloud offers highly scalable object storage. It consists of clustered Enterprise storage hardware and is designed to scale with ease when using large amounts of data. Object storage is suitable as a low-cost storage, for example, virtual machine images, snapshots, pictures, video, and backups.

  • Fully Redundant
  • Automatic scalability
  • Always available

Your data securely stored in the EU

  • GDPR Ready

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) consists of laws and regulation for the data controller and data processor when storing and/or processing personal information of individuals residing in the EU. Keep your data secure and stored in the EU. Our Object Store is fully GDPR ready, ISO27001 and ISO20000 certified. Together we ensure that you can comply with the GDPR.

  • Ready for Healthcare

    Sensitive data such as medical records need to be treated with care, well guarded and secure. Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) need to comply with strict regulations such as the NEN7510. Our Object Store is NEN7510 certified and where happy to help you ensure that your infrastructure is compliant with all laws and regulation.

  • Backup your S3 Object Store

    There is nothing worse than loss of data or being unable to inform your customers when unavailability of service will be fixed. Storing data into two Object Stores and using two providers, ensures you that your data is redundant, geographically separated and that you are provider independent. This will degrease the chance of dataloss and ensures that you can rapidly switch between provider when an incident occurs.

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*You only pay for storage, no cost for traffic (in-out), no cost or limits on the amount of calls to the Object Store (puts/gets).

The Object Store

The Object Store offers a distributed and highly scalable storage architecture which manages data as objects. Unlike file system storage which organizes data according to a hierarchy of folders and files, object storage has a flat structure of containers and the objects it contains. The advantage of this is that object storage can be scaled up to a much greater extent than file-based storage.

The Object Store consists of an object and metadata of the object. An object is the actual file and metadata is the related information that you can give to the file.

Perfect for

  • Secure, scalable and reliable online storage
  • Unlimited virtual storage capacity
  • Files that need linked metadata (eg. for policy-driven data management)
  • Backup, storage and archiving of data
  • Pictures, videos, and other documents
  • API and URL

    The Object Store ensures that all files or objects are easy accessible via the API or URL. You can access every object via HTTP or HTTPS which makes the object storage very versatile whether it concerns supplying back-end origin to a CDN, storing and serving documents and files or storing complete static websites. Your data can be accessed directly via the API which is ideal for applications that include large amounts of data.

  • Secure and reliable

    You can save objects so only you can access them, or you can make them publicly available to everyone. Your data is stored at least three times in at least three different locations to minimize loss of data. The Object Store is ISO27001, ISO20000 certified and NEN7510 and GDPR ready.

  • Automatic scalability

    The Object Store automatically grows when you add data and shrinks again when you delete data. So you will only pay for what you use, without having to do anything. There are no limits to the number of objects that you can store. We also do not work with a minimum purchase or a long-term obligation.

  • Versatile Cloud Storage

    Fuga Cloud Object Store offers a versatile data storage solution so that you have access to your files everywhere at any time. It's ideal for the storage of huge amounts of (static) data, archive data, and backups.

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