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Vulnerabilities in multiple CPU architectures (updated Jan, 18th)

Vulnerabilities in multiple CPU architectures (updated Jan, 18th)

Update Jan 18th

This morning, January 18th at 06:00 CET, the implementation of the security patch for our network controllers didn’t go as expected.

After patching and restarting the control layer at 07:15 CET, networking encountered a bug. It took us until 08:13 CET to get networking operational. From this point on, there were no issues with running services, however, our API backend remained unstable until 13:15 CET. The timeline is available on our status page.


The Fuga Cloud platform is now completely stable. In case you still experience any issues with our services don’t hesitate to contact us. Our status is also available on our status page.


A more detailed report about what went wrong and what we have learned to prevent it from happening in the future will be posted shortly on our website.

Update Jan 8th

Fuga Cloud is analyzing and rolling out security patches on different layers of our cloud platform as they are made available by our third-party suppliers. Most of these security updates can be done without any impact on our customers.

For the patches to be effective, there are certain steps to be taken in the appropriate order by both Fuga Cloud and our customers. Fuga Cloud needs to patch the complete platform before the patches in your instances are effective. We will begin installing them on Wednesday, January 10th, this maintenance will not result in any downtime unless we’ve contacted you. Another one of the countermeasures is a security patch for our network controllers. We will install these patches on Thursday, January 18th at 06:00 CET. A reboot of these controllers will be required and will result in a short downtime, for this reason, these updates will take place early to minimize the impact on you and your customers. We expect it will take about 15 minutes at most. During this period the external network connectivity will be interrupted and some of the network services may experience some delays.

We expect there will be more security patches required during the coming months.
More information will be posted on this blog.


Original post

Security researchers have revealed several bugs in multiple CPU architectures affecting both consumer and enterprise hardware.

At Fuga Cloud we utilize Intel CPU architectures to provide our customers with a compute platform. And as many other cloud providers, Fuga Cloud may be affected by these hardware bugs.

As more information is provided by security researchers and third-party suppliers, we at Fuga Cloud are working around the clock to analyze the available information to construct countermeasures.

For more information about the CPU bugs please read the official announcement by the security team at Google and the official statement by Intel.

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