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Using Fuga for Software Development

Using Fuga for Software Development

Although there are a zillion possible uses for Fuga and the OpenStack platform, some are more evident than others. The flexibility and scalability of OpenStack, combined with the many features of the APIs, creates an ideal environment for application development and (automated) deployment. This is evidenced by quite a significant percentage of our beta-testers and early adopters being software development companies, like Ambrero Software B.V..

Besides technical features, there are also business considerations why you would want to switch to a public cloud platform instead of hosting at one or several (managed or shared) hosting providers. It all depends on your organization and the skills and people available, but the case for it may be stronger than you think.

If you’re considering moving workloads and environments for your application development processes and deployments to Fuga, we highly recommend you check out our new use case page.

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Fuga update to Liberty – the report

Today, we performed the upgrade of the Fuga platform to the Liberty release of OpenStack. It was a project that had been delayed for some time because we had to overcome more difficulties than we expected in our testing and staging environments and these needed to be resolved before putting anything into production. These issues have all been resolved. We have successfully upgraded the live platform today. However, this too, took a little longer than we had anticipated.

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