Fuga Cloud Platform Release 2 now in beta, test it for free
Fuga Cloud Platform Release 2 now in beta, test it for free

Fuga Cloud Platform Release 2 now in beta, test it for free

Beta period is closed. Release 2 went into production on Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

We are proud to announce that our complete redesign of Fuga Cloud Platform has now moved to Public Beta. Don’t miss out and test our renewed cloud platform for free. Please don’t forget to provide us with your feedback, we do need it!

Enhanced technology, incredible performance

As mentioned above, the complete platform has been redesigned. In this blog post, you can read why we decided to take this step. By using the latest hardware and using it as efficiently as possible, the performance of Fuga Cloud is even better than before. Check out the benchmarks yourself.

Single core geekbench score

Digital Ocean AWS Vultr Fuga Fuga Release 2

Volume storage geekbench score

AWS EBS Read iops Write iops Digital Ocean Standard Volume Fuga Regular Volume Fuga Release 2 Volume

Ephemeral storage geekbench score

Vultr Read iops Write iops Fuga Digital Ocean Fuga Release 2


Are you an existing customer of Fuga Cloud Platform and are you curious about the differences between Release 1 and Release 2? To make life easier, we have made a comparison for you here.

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