Fuga News: Fuga Cloud Release 2 officially launched
Fuga Cloud Release 2 officially launched

Fuga Cloud Release 2 officially launched

On Wednesday, February 13, we officially started the beta period of our brand new Fuga Cloud platform (named Release 2). In the past months, we have received a lot of feedback from the community.

As a result, we’re proud to dismiss the beta label of Release 2 and put our platform into production. From today, as described in our Service Level Agreement, we will also guarantee the monthly uptime of 99.99% for our platform.

Improvements we’ve made during the beta period

We added “Teams” functionality (beta)

A much-requested feature which lets you invite colleagues and let them be part of several projects. As a user, you can create various projects, invite different colleagues to work with and receive one invoice for this.

Improved user experience of the dashboard

We have received a lot of feedback from our community about things that were not clear enough or difficult to find within the dashboard. For example, we have made changes on how we display your API credentials and have also added a list of API endpoints.

Platform stability further improved

The stability of the platform has substantially improved. For example, we worked hard to improve the stability of the network. Internal networks did not always get the correct DNS resolver and sometimes newly launched instances received no network at all. This and much more has now been resolved.

In addition, we have created a changelog so that you can keep track of all our changes in the future. You can visit the changelog by clicking here.

Want to get started with Fuga Cloud Release 2?

Of course, we can write with enthusiasm about how proud we are of our new platform, but we find it much more important that you experience it yourself. Creating an account is only a matter of minutes.

Prefer to click through the dashboard first? No problem!

If you have any questions about Release 2 (or about Fuga Cloud in general), we can easily be reached by chat (bottom right) or send us an email.

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