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Public Cloud Workshop – March 8

Public Cloud Workshop – March 8

On March 8, we will again organize a public cloud workshop at our office in Alkmaar. Like our first workshop last December, this workshop is aimed at users who are just getting started with the public cloud or are simply interested in what Fuga has to offer. The workshop in December was a success and, because we’ve received more demand since, we decided to reprise the workshop. We’ve updated the content based on the feedback we received, which should make this edition even better.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to work with your own OpenStack-based public cloud environment. You will discover the different components of the Fuga dashboard and we will explain more about instances, networking, images, volumes and ssh keys. Furthermore, we will use this information to roll out a load balanced web platform, thereby also introducing floating IPs and security groups.

The workshop starts at 16:00 hrs and lasts two hours. We take care of drinks and pizzas. After the workshop, we’ll provide you with €100 Fuga credits, so you can try it out some more at home, if you like. There are some spots left, so if you’re interested, be quick and sign up.

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