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Public beta testing starts today

Public beta testing starts today

First of all: thank you for your patience. We first told you that we would start our beta period for our new OpenStack services in late 2014. It’s now March 2015. There have been some delays, but the wait is nearly over.

Today, we’re sending out the first invitations for our OpenStack beta trial period. We’ve had far more parties interested in test driving our OpenStack platform than we had originally anticipated, so we can’t open up the platform to everyone all at once. However, we believe that we can accommodate everyone. Just not immediately all at once.

We will start today with a small selection from among our applicants and will expand this group gradually over the next few weeks.

The last couple of weeks have been spent optimizing and stabilizing the platform to fully prepare for this upcoming beta period. We’re also still adding functionality and hope to launch with as many supported features as possible. Since our last update, we’re added VPSaaS and LBaaS to the production environment. We will send a more extensive technical update soon.

So anyway… we’ve made a small initial selection from amongst all applicants whom we will begin contacting today. If you’re not part of this first selection, please be patient a little while longer. We’ll contact you soon.

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It’s been a while since we last gave an update about our progress regarding OpenStack. We had hoped to be able to start the public beta before the end of 2014. Unfortunately, that turned out differently. Last time, we mentioned that the platform had been upgraded to the Juno release. We had upgraded the existing platform from the previous (Icehouse) OpenStack release. In order to further test real disaster recovery, we performed a complete reinstall of the platform next.