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Platform upgrade to Kilo

Platform upgrade to Kilo

As announced in our last mailing, we will upgrade our OpenStack platform to the latest stable version: Kilo. This upgrade will be performed tomorrow: 19 May. Please expect some downtime during the day as a result. We’ll try to keep impact to a minimum, of course. Today, we also applied patches against the recently discovered Venom vulnerability that affects the platform’s virtual machines. More information can be found at Ars Technica.

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OpenStack just went to eleven

On 30 April, Kilo, the eleventh stable release of OpenStack was announced. During the design summit in Vancouver later this month, the roadmap for the next release (Liberty) will be determined. We’ll be attending as well. Here at Cyso, we’ve already started testing the update to Kilo. Our first tests have been successful and we plan to roll it out to our production environment very soon. Full Kilo release notes: https://wiki.