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OpenStack Pricing and Features

OpenStack Pricing and Features

This is just a quick update regarding information you’ve probably been waiting for.

Today, we’ve published pricing and features on our OpenStack website (which is still a work in progress). We’re fairly certain this pricing is final, but it may still change nevertheless.You can also find a list of all the OpenStack features that will be part of the initial release of the service. A few are still in beta and will be added to the service when they are stable and secure enough.

Pricing is available at: https://openstack.cyso.com/pricing/

OpenStack Features: https://openstack.cyso.com/features/technology/

Next week, we plan to inform you about the end of our beta period and the transition to live. We’ll also reveal the name of our OpenStack service.

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Our OpenStack puzzle is almost finished

Good news! We’re almost there! We’ve made significant progress on almost all aspects of our OpenStack platform and we’re nearly ready for an official launch. This week, we’ve performed one final major test and maintenance cycle on the platform in order to find and fix any remaining flaws. We’ve updated configurations and software, done some serious stress testing, and conducted disaster recovery tests. Naturally, we hoped to encounter as few weaknesses as possible.

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