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OpenStack Mitaka upgrade completed

OpenStack Mitaka upgrade completed

As mentioned in our OpenStack Mitaka upgrade liveblog the compute node upgrade was postponed. We’re happy to announce that we’ve finished the full process, without any significant downtime. As a result of this upgrade the Fuga platform is now completely upgraded to the OpenStack Mitaka release.

With this upgrade we took the last step to enable live migrations so we can narrow the impact on the availability during future maintenance windows. This will also allow us to conduct more upgrades in a shorter time frame, which will result in more new features on our platform and a better user experience for our customers. We’re currently testing this new setup so we can use live migrations in the near future.

Get started today and enjoy working with OpenStack Mitaka!

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Load Balancer functionality is now live

We’re happy to announce that today we’ve removed the beta label for the load balancer functionality in the dashboard, meaning we have officially taken it into production and can offer official support. The Fuga load balancer functionality allows you to quickly create HTTP, HTTPS or TCP based load balancing pools, add member servers to them and configure monitors to define failovers. If you haven’t used the functionality yet, you can find it in the Horizon dashboard under ‘Network’ -> ‘Load Balancers’.

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