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OpenStack Benelux Conference & Launch Party

OpenStack Benelux Conference & Launch Party

On the 17th of September we attended the OpenStack Benelux Conference in Bussum to present Fuga. At the conference, Tjebbe de Winter, our CTO, joined John Zannos of Canonical on stage during his keynote presentation at the main podium. After this keynote, Fuga officially became a fact, since this was our first public appearance. Later in the afternoon, Tjebbe also gave a presentation for a smaller audience, where he explained a bit more about our development process, the design choices we made and the technologies we used to build Fuga. As the day progressed, we had a lot of people visiting our stand who were interested in what our new Dutch Public OpenStack Cloud could offer them. We have lift-off! Last Friday, we launched Fuga publicly with a party at our office in Alkmaar. During the launch, Fuga’s project manager Paul Bankert gave a presentation about OpenStack in general and the choices we made designing our Fuga platform and service. Afterwards, our technical project leader, Yuri Sijtema, gave a live demo and showed us some of the benefits and possibilities of OpenStack. In his demo, he presented the different components of the Fuga service and demonstrated how to easily build, deploy and scale a load balanced server platform using the web interface. After the official program, we celebrated the launch at our rooftop terrace with various specialty beers and bites.

Since we’re now officially live, you can create an account and start working with OpenStack. Current pricing can also be found on the pricing page. Because payment is done by the hour, you only pay for resources you actually use. If you need any assistance while working with Fuga, you can contact us or other Fuga users through our community support.

Enjoy working with Fuga and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Get ready for the launch

We are thrilled to inform you that we have gone live with our public OpenStack cloud. Since yesterday, you can start working on our OpenStack cloud that goes by the name of Fuga. This means that the beta testing period has come to an end. To get started with the Fuga cloud, you have to create a new account on our website. You need an invite code, which you can find below.

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