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Get started with the OpenStack CLI and API

Get started with the OpenStack CLI and API

There are three ways to interact with your Fuga OpenStack environment: through the Horizon web interface, using the OpenStack CLI tools and directly from your application using a RESTful API. Using Horizon is by far the easiest, but also the most restrictive in terms of possible automation. Using the CLI tools gives you more options, and the most possibilities can be gained by directly interacting with the API from within your application.

However, these last two have a learning curve. That’s why, on February 16, we’re organizing a workshop to help you get started with the APIs and CLI tools. We’ll show you what you need to install, how to configure it and we will help you get started with some examples (such as how to do a basic post-configuration with cloud-init scripts).

At the moment, we still have a few seats available for the workshop. If you’re interested in the possibilities beyond Horizon and wish to really explore the benefits of OpenStack, reserve your spot today!

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Cost overview improved in dashboard

Last week, we updated and improved our cost overview page within the ‪‎OpenStack‬ dashboard. From now on, it’s very easy to view your monthly costs, interactively divided by compute, storage and network. Besides this it’s possible to view a forecast for the next month. Visit your dashboard to experience the improvements or create a Fuga account today.

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