OpenStack announces new stable release Icehouse

OpenStack announces new stable release Icehouse

Today the OpenStack 2014.1.3 stable Icehouse release has been announced. We’re currently testing and developing on version 2014.1.2 and will upgrade as soon as we’ve determined the changes and possible impact to our environments.

Our production installation has remained stable for the last couple of weeks in which even a hardware disruption didn’t result in any impact to services. We’ve made a lot of progress with our automation tool for rolling out OTA environments and made structural changes to the use and handling of API’s.

Our DevOps team is developing the required configuration and messaging functions to grant tenants public access to the API. These services are running on the internal management VLAN and will be made externally available through a reverse proxy configuration. We still have some technical challenges to overcome there, but we’re making good progress.

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Using Razor and Puppet to roll out different development environments

Last week, several configurations have been created in Razor and Puppet to roll out different development environments with specific settings. These environments are using virtual Arista switches in order to resemble eventual production as closely as possible. Among other things, during the OpenStack meetup in Amsterdam on Wednesday 3 September, we’ve been given tips on how to improve performance of the erasure coded Ceph storage, which we’re intending to try out and possibly use.

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