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Object names limit from 256 to 1024

Object names limit from 256 to 1024

The maximum length for object names in Fuga was 256 characters, which proved to be very limiting, so we have now raised the maximum to 1024. That is the same maximum length AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure use.

Object names in Swift (and all other object stores) have a maximum length. The object name in an object store is what the filename is on an ordinary file system. Only object stores do not know the principle of folders. You can emulate this by including the folder names in your object name, but your object name will be longer, especially if you have many subfolders.

​ Now that we have the same limits as all big cloud platforms, you can migrate to Fuga effortlessly!

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Fuga block storage zone renamed

From now on, the Fuga block storage zone has been transformed from ‘ams’ to ‘eu-west-1’. There has been no impact. If you previously refer to your ‘ams’ storage zone in your scripts, you should change that to ‘eu-west-1’. You can find more information about our storage types on our forum: “OpenStack storage types“.

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