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Start of new trainees 2019

Start of new trainees 2019

Fuga Cloud finds that it’s essential for students to get a healthy dose of practical experience on the work floor and get hands-on experience with the technologies and methodologies of today. That’s why, every year, we offer some lucky students the change to gain that experience in one of our scrum teams in an informal but professional work environment.


This week Ludo started his internship at Fuga Cloud. Ludo is 19 years old and is in the 2nd year of his study Software Engineering at the HvA. In his free time, he is on the golf course, or you can find him in the kitchen where he tries to make the tastiest recipes he can find. The reason he chose Fuga Cloud was because of the friendly and informal atmosphere and that we are working with Scrum teams.


Ludo has made it clear that he has more interest in the back-end than that he has in the front-end. His task during his internship is to develop a migration tool for the Object Store. This way it will become easier for our customers to migrate their Object Store. During his time with Fuga Cloud, he will learn about, and work with various technologies such as OpenStack, Python, Restful APIs, Docker, Flask, and many more.

Are you looking for an internship?

Do you want to stand with both feet on the ground and with your hands on the latest technology? Are you looking for an excellent internship for the upcoming period? Let us know via contact@cyso.group

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Fuga Cloud team wishes everybody Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2019

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