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New Fuga developments for Q1-2016

New Fuga developments for Q1-2016

2016 has just started, but we can already tell you that we have many exciting things planned for its first three months. For example:

OpenStack Liberty

We’re working hard on the implementation of the latest OpenStack release (Liberty) to our production environment. We’d hoped to have the upgrade in place by now, but ran into unforeseen problems when testing the upgrade on our staging environments. This version has hundreds of new features and improvements, which you can find at the OpenStack website. We’ll inform you when the upgrade to Liberty will take place as soon as we have more information. We will also highlight the most important features soon.

Native IPv6 Support

We want the Fuga platform to be prepared for the future. For this, we consider native IPv6 support to be critical. We’re now in the final testing stages of adding native IPv6 support for the entire Fuga platform. Once it’s implemented, Fuga will be one of the very few public clouds with full IPv6 support.

DNS management with OpenStack Designate

The OpenStack Designate project allows you to manage DNS zones and domains within OpenStack. We’ve had it in beta since the end of last year and intend to launch it into production very soon. Once it’s live, you’ll be able to manage DNS zones and settings through both the OpenStack API and the Horizon dashboard.

Fuga bare-metal and container support

This year, we’ll also implement the OpenStack Ironic project, which allows direct deployment of OpenStack onto dedicated hardware (Metal as a Service). We will start beta testing this soon. The same is true for Container support with OpenStack Magnum, which will allow you to use Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos directly within OpenStack. More information on these new services will follow as soon as possible.

Second Availability Zone

To increase availability of Fuga services, we recognize the importance of offering multiple availability zones. We’re still working out some networking details and we will let you know when additional zones become available.

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Vulnerability affecting OpenSSH

Yesterday, the OpenSSH project reported a client side vulnerability affecting OpenSSH versions 5.4 to 7.1. The vulnerability could cause an SSH client to leak key information, potentially exposing users to man-in-the-middle attacks. The vulnerability could allow a malicious SSH server to make the OpenSSH client leak memory contents, including data such as private keys. The vulnerability exists only after a client has successfully authenticated with a malicious SSH server. The vulnerability only exists in the client, not the server software itself.

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