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New FreeBSD beta image available

New FreeBSD beta image available

We’ve just released a new beta image for Cyso OpenStack for FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE. To give you an understanding in what went into creating this image, we’ve posted an article about it on our blog. Read it here.

The image can now be found in the image library.

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Cyso OpenStack update June

We’ve had a really busy period with lots of OpenStack things going on. During the past month we’ve more than doubled the amount of beta testers on our platform, upgraded the entire platform to the latest OpenStack release, have worked on more features and made a great deal of progress on accounting and administrative functionality. Putting the platform through its paces Some of our new testers on the platform have been really pushing the platform and the I/O performance; we’ve had one instance of a user copying data at a speed of over 800 MB per second.