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Learn working with Fuga OpenStack

Learn working with Fuga OpenStack

On Tuesday 1 December, we’re organizing the new Fuga Training Tuesday at our office in Alkmaar. It’s the first edition of a new initiative in which we offer workshops and trainings to both new and experienced users of Fuga and OpenStack. Training Tuesday is a small-scale event in order to give attendees the personal attention they may need and give them a chance to ask any questions they might have.

First edition

For this first edition, we’re providing an introduction on how to get started with Fuga and how to deploy networks, instances, security groups and your first load balancer. The training will be given by a tutor with lots of first hand experience with our OpenStack platform. If you didn’t get a chance to beta test our platform earlier or didn’t get around to really experiment with it, this may be a great opportunity to rectify that. Attendees of the workshop will also get €100 Fuga credits to experiment with our platform some more afterwards. The training will be given in Dutch, but if non-Dutch speakers apply, we could change that to English. The training starts at 16:00 CET and ends at 18:15 CET. More dates will follow. If you have requests regarding a training subject for the future, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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New Fuga billing dashboard under development

Our development team is currently in the final stages of adding functionality to the Fuga dashboard for live insight into the costs generated by your instances and storage. Because we’re now live with Fuga, we consider it important for our customers to be able to see how much they’re spending. This will prevent bill shock and should prevent unpleasant surprises. At the moment, we’re still working on the latest functionality and are rigorously testing for possible bugs.

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