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Internal beta OpenStack has started

Internal beta OpenStack has started

Last week, a new phase in our OpenStack project started. Instead of just the members of our project team, all people at Cyso have now been invited to test our new platform and are actively doing so. It’s the final stage before we open up the platform for external beta testers.

Our new group of testers has been instructed to try all sorts of different things to break the platform that our project team might not have thought of. At the same time, they’re following our tutorials to find errors and omissions. So far, one of our colleagues has managed to bring part of the platform to its knees by performing a Denial of Service attack within the platform. Two others have managed to overload the storage API’s to the point that they effectively went offline.

Of course, we hoped these tests hadn’t resulted in downtime. We’re glad, however, that we found out our platform couldn’t handle these situations before going into public beta. It’s no problem now, but it would have been later on. We don’t want our beta testers quitting on us because the platform is unreliable or unstable.

We’re also planning to have the new Juno release active on our platform at the end of next week.

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