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Happy Holidays from the Fuga team!

Happy Holidays from the Fuga team!

It’s been a fantastic year for us at Fuga. Ever since launching in September 2015, we’ve managed to grow steadily throughout 2016. We are very happy with the stability and performance of the Fuga platform.

One of the main goals we set ourself when we started out, was keeping up with OpenStack’s six-monthly release cycle. We never want to be more than one version behind of the most current stable release. We consider this continuing upgrade process essential for a stable, secure and high performance platform. Although we achieved that, testing and performing these upgrades took far more time than we had anticipated. As a result, we weren’t able to implement as many new features as we would have wanted this past year. We’ve had more lessons learned than we are entirely comfortable with.

We have lots of plans for you in 2017. First up is the implementation of a new SDN system to replace the current Fuga network. This will immediately result in IPv6 becoming available and multiple Fuga regions and availability zones shortly thereafter. After the new regions become available, we will introduce more pricing options in the form of new instance flavors and storage pricing.

Further plans for 2017 include:

We’ll be in Boston for the OpenStack Summit in May and other events throughout the year. We hope to see you there!

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OpenStack Mitaka upgrade completed

As mentioned in our OpenStack Mitaka upgrade liveblog the compute node upgrade was postponed. We’re happy to announce that we’ve finished the full process, without any significant downtime. As a result of this upgrade the Fuga platform is now completely upgraded to the OpenStack Mitaka release. With this upgrade we took the last step to enable live migrations so we can narrow the impact on the availability during future maintenance windows.

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