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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #01

Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #01

For the last few months, we have been busy with our new region, AMS2. Now we have reached the point that every few weeks we have something fun to report. Serious matters but also fun facts we do not want to withhold from you.

Fuga network less dependent on USA carriers

We have recently optimized the Fuga network more for EU routes. A better distribution has now been chosen so that we are less dependent on US carriers. Our international transits are now better distributed (1/3 Europe, 1/3 America and 1/3 Asia).

Multi-master kubernetes cluster

Boost your Machine Learning skills and Artificial Intelligence apps with GPU service from FUGA

We are working hard to start offering GPUs. The first tests are promising but we still need some time. If you want to be the first to test our service you can apply for early access now. You will not only be able to test for free but we also appreciate it when you think about how we are going to implement it. Do not wait any longer and submit your use case in the dashboard so we know how you want to use our GPU service.

Apply for early access

DNS as a Service

Subscribe to our status page notifications

For years, we have been communicating our incidents through our status page. You can find it on https://status.fuga.cloud. AMS2 is now also listed here. If we experience problems with our platform then you can find it here. But that’s not all. You can also subscribe to our notifications. This means you will receive free notifications via SMS/mobile/push/webhook/Twitter/RSS in case of failures or incidents. Sign up for notifications

Cloud certificaten

Better error handling dashboard

Let’s hope you never get to see these pages. But we have funny error pages since we’ve launched our new dashboard. Hopefully this will ease the pain of the cause and we can fix the problem soon :)

Cloud certificaten

Choco brownies for the much needed extra Corona pounds

During the Easter weekend all Fuga team members received a surprise by mail. Delicious chocolate brownies with the beautiful Fuga Cloud logo on them. The only downside is that we now have to lose these extra pounds.

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Amsterdam 2 (AMS2) live

We have launched our new region! In this mail, we will tell you about the improvements and new functionality of this region. You can use your current account to log into the new platform. We encourage you to do so and have a look. When you log in, you will see a pop-up to inform you about the new region. When you press the button, you can access the new region within seconds.

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