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Fuga Update December 2015

Fuga Update December 2015

Second availability zone is coming in 2016

At the moment, we are working on a second availability zone for Fuga, because we believe that it is important to offer our customers a redundant solution. We will provide you with more details and a planning as soon as we have more information.

Public OpenStack Cloud Workshop

On December 1, we organized our first public OpenStack cloud workshop at our office in Alkmaar. This workshop was meant to help people who are interested in working with OpenStack. It was a great success so we have decided to continue these workshops next year. We have already planned two for 2016. On February 16, we will organize an intermediate level workshop with the subject ‘working with OpenStack APIs’ and on March 8, we again organize a beginners’ workshop, ‘getting started with OpenStack’.


Last month, we visited and contributed to several OpenStack Meetups. On November 26, Yuri Sijtema, our technical project manager, gave a presentation about a use case of OpenStack and Orchestration. On December 1, Tjebbe de Winter, our CTO, gave a presentation about Fuga on the OpenStack & Ceph Meetup in Amsterdam. We are planning to visit and contribute to several meetups in the coming months as well.

Billing Dashboard live

Two weeks ago, we launched our billing dashboard. Because we believe it is important for our customers to be able to see how much they are spending, it is now possible to have a live insight into the costs generated by your instances and storage. You can also have a look into your user history, which makes it possible to forecast your usage based on different periods.

Other Fuga improvements

Since we have gone live with Fuga, we have been working very hard to improve our platform and services.

We have realized these things last month:

  • We have tripled our compute storage
  • We have doubled our compute processing power
  • We have doubled our compute memory
  • We have implemented OpenStack Liberty in our demo environment

Furthermore, we are working on the following things:

  • We are working on the improvement of the buffer storage while uploading images
  • We are working on the expansion of the ceph storage
  • We are working on various improvements of the website

Fun Facts about Fuga

  • The turnover increased with 36% last month
  • The amount of customers increased with 30% last month
  • Customers prefer to test Fuga anonymous and decide if Fuga is ‘ready-for-production’ after using it for 2 weeks
  • Customers double the amount of servers after an average period of 4 weeks

Best wishes for 2016

We are really happy with the launch of Fuga and we are glad that you all enjoy reading our monthly update. As you can see, we are planning on improving a lot in the coming months. For now, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy 2016!

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Fuga hardware maintenance 16/17 December

During the night of 16 on 17 December, we will perform maintenance to the Fuga platform to upgrade the hardware configurations of the compute nodes. This maintenance window starts at 00:01 CET and will end around 04:00 CET. We will add additional memory to the servers in small, carefully selected batches. We will bring each server and all instances on it down, add memory to the server, and reboot. We expect the downtime for servers and instances to be about 15 minutes each.

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