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Fuga Newsletter October 2015

Fuga Newsletter October 2015

OpenStack Liberty released

On October 15, the new version of OpenStack, Liberty, has officially been released. We have already started looking into the new release to flag the features we find most interesting and we will test them as soon as possible. We’ll create an internal proof of concept of the new release, perform compatibility tests and do a security review.

Like with all previous releases, we intend to upgrade to this latest version as soon as we’ve tested the stability and new features. This will, however, be the first time we’ll be upgrading on a production environment. So we’ll plan and perform the upgrade even more meticulously than before. We’ve already started the preparations and we are currently planning the upgrade for sometime next month. We will inform you when we have an exact date. You can find the full release notes of OpenStack Liberty here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Liberty

Fuga Features Roadmap

Besides new features, the new Liberty release also sees improvements to existing features that are still on our roadmap. In particular, the improvements to Keystone have our full attention. We also have high hopes that features such as Trove, Sahara, Designate and Magnum will be stable and secure enough to add into production soon.

Furthermore, we are planning to expand the Fuga platform capacity very soon. Therefore we are working on an extra availability zone in a second datacenter. We are also working on a revised community discussion and support system. More information on this will follow next month.

Our new Fuga Community Manager

We are happy to inform you that we have appointed a dedicated community manager for Fuga: Rick Wagenaar. Rick has been working at Cyso for the past two years and will now be spending more of his time to help our users on the Fuga community. Rick will be responsible for the tutorials on our website, the general usability of Fuga and the user community. Furthermore, he is going to give OpenStack trainings for people interested in Fuga.

We will begin with quick start trainings and will expand these in the future with workshops for more advanced users. Rick is very passionate about OpenStack technology and its possibilities. He looks forward to sharing his passion with our users. Come and meet him at one of our trainings or find him at the community pages on our website.

Using security groups to tighten OpenStack security

Because October is Cyber Security Month, we thought it might be a great idea to tell you a bit more about how you can use security groups to tighten access to your Fuga platform and instances. With security groups you’re able to very precisely define access rules to your platform and instances. In essence, they give you a free, fully customizable firewall. In this article we’ll tell you how you can use customized security groups to grant access based on the roles of the instances within your Fuga platform.


If you’re interested in Fuga, you might like to meet us at one of the following events.

26 November

OpenStack Orchestration meetup

We’ll be attending the OpenStack Orchestration meetup in Breda, where our colleague Yuri will present an OpenStack use case. There will also be several other use cases by other parties and talks about orchestration using OpenStack. Drop by and learn more about the subject, talk to us and exchange thoughts.

1 December

Fuga Training Tuesday

At our office in Alkmaar, we’ll be giving a workshop on how to get started with our public OpenStack cloud, Fuga. During the workshop, we’ll run through the dashboard and we will explain all about instances, networking, images, volumes and SSH keys. We’ll use these to build and deploy a load-balanced platform and tell you more about the use of floating IPs and security groups.

There are only limited seats available, so if you’d like to attend, be quick and sign up today.

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OpenStack Benelux Conference & Launch Party

On the 17th of September we attended the OpenStack Benelux Conference in Bussum to present Fuga. At the conference, Tjebbe de Winter, our CTO, joined John Zannos of Canonical on stage during his keynote presentation at the main podium. After this keynote, Fuga officially became a fact, since this was our first public appearance. Later in the afternoon, Tjebbe also gave a presentation for a smaller audience, where he explained a bit more about our development process, the design choices we made and the technologies we used to build Fuga.

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