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Fuga hardware maintenance 16/17 December

Fuga hardware maintenance 16/17 December

During the night of 16 on 17 December, we will perform maintenance to the Fuga platform to upgrade the hardware configurations of the compute nodes.

This maintenance window starts at 00:01 CET and will end around 04:00 CET. We will add additional memory to the servers in small, carefully selected batches. We will bring each server and all instances on it down, add memory to the server, and reboot. We expect the downtime for servers and instances to be about 15 minutes each.

If you have questions regarding this maintenance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Costs overview Within the next 2 or 3 weeks, it’s possible to have a look into the costs generated by your instances and storage. We consider it important for our customers to be able to see how much they are spending. This will prevent bill shock and should prevent unpleasant surprises. Preparing the Fuga platform for Liberty Two nights ago we performed major OpenStack maintenance on the Fuga platform. All OpenStack components gained updates, many of which are preparations for the upgrade to OpenStack Liberty.

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