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We celebrate Fuga’s second birthday

We celebrate Fuga’s second birthday

Today, we celebrate Fuga’s second birthday. If you ask us what makes a party a real party, then our answer is that there are always presents. So we want to give something back to our (future) customers. We have decided to mark this milestone with the inclusion of free traffic in our flavors:

  • C1 Micro: 2TB free traffic
  • C1 Tiny: 3TB free traffic
  • C1 Small: 4TB free traffic
  • C1 Medium: 5TB free traffic
  • C1 Large: 6TB free traffic
  • C1 XLarge: 7TB free traffic
  • C1 XXLarge: 8TB free traffic

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Blocked port 25

In order to limit the amount of abuse (on the Fuga platform), we are forced to block port 25 as the destination port for outgoing e-mail. Our registration flow, where we do a few checks, is not sufficient to prevent a large amount of spammers coming through and start spamming people throughout our platform. From now on, by default, all new accounts don’t have the ability to send e-mails to port 25 anymore.