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Goodbye R1..Hello Release 2

Goodbye R1..Hello Release 2

The successor of our first platform has been showing for more than half a year that it is a worthy successor! Not only in terms of performance and stability, but also the price / quality ratio has been upgraded. Release 2 has more functionality and a number of features will be added in the upcoming period, such as Kubernetes as a Service and DNS as a Service.

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All the more reason for us to say goodbye to our first release. We are planning to stop our services on Release 1 from 1 February 2020.

Switch without worry

We try to make your transition run as smoothly as it can get. We have written 3 tutorials to help you transfer all your resources:

  • Migration of a Volume
  • Migration of an Instance
  • Migration of an Object Store container

You can also use our migration tool in the new dashboard to copy an Object Store container from R1 to R2.

Free Object and Volume Store

Until the end of the year you can copy and store all your storage without extra costs (also no hidden PUT and GET costs). That way you can transfer your data free of risk and without extra costs.

Multiple accounts on R1?

We have implemented teams on the new platform. This means that you can manage multiple cloud platforms with one payment data. Super handy. You can read more about this on the team page.

Register now on Release 2 and get started!

Do you have some questions? Please feel free to contact us via email or start a chat. We are happy to help you.

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