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Earn €50 for every friend you invite

Earn €50 for every friend you invite

Let your friends get familiar with Fuga Cloud for free and earn €50 Fuga Cloud credit.

How do I start?

Please visit our referral program page and fill out the form. After submitting the form your friend will receive an invitation and his/her €50 of Fuga Cloud credit to get started.

When do I receive my Fuga Cloud credit?

After your friend’s registration he/she has 6 months to spend at least €50 (excluding promo credit) in order for you to earn your €50 Fuga Cloud credit.

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DNS resolution for floating IP

Fuga Cloud now supports DNS resolution for Floating IP addresses. This enables Fuga instances to be properly identified on the internet establishing initial trust with third parties. This was completed by matching the result of a reverse DNS lookup with the result of a forward DNS lookup for Fuga’s Floating IP addresses. Debian 9 image Last Monday, we have added Debian 9 to our image store. Have fun with it!

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