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Updates Corona Virus / COVID-19

Updates Corona Virus / COVID-19


Because our health is one of the most important things in our lives, we at Fuga Cloud are also concerned about the coronavirus. To safeguard the continuity of our services over a longer period, we will therefore take an extra set of precautionary measures;

We split the employees of the Cyso Group into an A and B side. One team works at home for a whole week. The other team in the office. We reverse this situation the following week.

  • All meetings at the Roeter (Cyso Group office) are postponed.
  • Our presence at events and conferences is avoided.
  • Meetings with customers done remotely as much as possible.
  • In case of illness, employees stay at home and only return to the office after consultation.


  • Our home working facilities were already in order and are being used permanently. We therefore expect hardly any impact.
  • Virtually all equipment and servers are inherently redundant. We are in close contact with our suppliers about their measures to prevent supplies of spare parts from stalling.
  • All crucial functions within our organization are duplicated; knowledge and documentation is actively updated.

We are confident that in collaboration with you and our partners we can make this period “business as usual”.

We hope that you and your employees, your business relations, your family and loved ones will get through this period in good health.

The latest updates on our measures regarding the coronavirus can always be found on this page.

Coronavirus Policy Coordinator: Sven Visser

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