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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #02

Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #02

We have not been idle this past month and therefore have plenty of news to tell you. If you have additional questions, you can always open a chat on our website or send an email to hello@fuga.cloud. At that email address we would also like to receive your wishes and tips for manuals, content or functionalities that you have on your wish list.

Cloud ephemeral storage

Fastest storage now scales with our compute flavors

Our flavors on AMS2 have been updated. We now let the ephemeral disk size grow in proportion to the memory and cpu. This gives you more freedom to choose the right ephemeral storage. If you want to go for speed, ephemeral is the right choice! Doesn’t your instance yet have the new size? Stop / start your instance and make use of this extra space now.

Choose the right flavor for your solution now

IOPS network performance

More insight into what to expect in terms of storage and network

It is now possible to view the expected performance, when choosing a compute flavor. You can compare the flavors in terms of maximum IOPS and average network traffic to help you make an even better choice.

Choose the right flavor for your solution now

IP Passthrough

Only grant access to your data from a certain IP

In most cases, the data in the Object Store is highly confidential. We are therefore often asked how to grant access so data can be partially used. A nice solution for this is to make a container / bucket only accessible from an IP, determined by yourself. We have made a tutorial for this. Would you like to have this functionality also available in the dashboard? Let us know*.

Read our tutorial “bucket access by IP address”

What is Gaia-x

What exactly is GAIA-X?

Today, the Cloud can no longer be ignored in our lives. Whether it concerns online services to arrange your banking affairs, online shopping, email, file storage or social media, almost everything goes via the Cloud. And thanks to that Cloud, it was also possible that we could all work from home during the lock-down. But the largest providers of those Cloud environments are in America and China. Time for a European alternative that seamlessly complies with the GDPR!

Read more about GAIA-X

Cloud webmaster

Interview with Cathy

As of May 1, the Fuga team has been supplemented with Cathy. Not as a techie, but as a webmaster and marketer. She’s full of ideas that you will hopefully enjoy. You can get to know her a little through reading an interview with her from our Cyso group colleagues.

Read the interview with Cathy

*of course we want to offer all functionalities and services that provide a complete cloud experience. But choices have to be made in which order we will offer them. By letting us know what you are waiting for, we can ensure that you see “your” functionality delivered quickly. Let us know via chat or send an email to hello@fuga.cloud

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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #01

For the last few months, we have been busy with our new region, AMS2. Now we have reached the point that every few weeks we have something fun to report. Serious matters but also fun facts we do not want to withhold from you. Fuga network less dependent on USA carriers We have recently optimized the Fuga network more for EU routes. A better distribution has now been chosen so that we are less dependent on US carriers.

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