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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #12

Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #12

So much is going on, and there is a lot we have done. We showed ourselves at CloudFest 2022, and we had a couple of great days. While the stand crew presented Enterprise Managed Kubernetes with a demo, the home crew continued to work hard on the final phase of EMK. The end is in sight, and we can’t wait to show it to the world.

CloudFest 2022

CloudFest lookback

It is Sunday evening, March 20, 2022, when we are at a test location in Alkmaar with a large delegation from the CysoGroup. To gain access to CloudFest, you must be able to show a negative Covid rapid test. We want to set up the stand on Monday afternoon and would like to be present at the Dutch Night in the evening, therefor we will use the last possible time slot for the test. This time slot gives enough leeway for our planning and the validity of the test. Our things are packed, our cars and bags are fully loaded and we are curious about the coming days. We’re looking forward to meeting old friends and meeting new cloud-minded people. We are curious about the other organisations that will present themselves there and all the new trends and developments that we will experience. Long story short, we’re looking forward to it! Read our blog about CloudFest 2022

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Enterprise Managed Kubernetes

EMK (Enterprise Managed Kubernetes) update

We realise that - however tangible it is for us - our EMF is still shrouded in mist for you. At CloudFest, we present a demo version, so you may have had the chance to get a glimpse there. But of course, many of you don’t. In addition to the daily progress made by our developers, a small select group of beta testers started work. In this way, we are making great strides by putting the dots on the I.

A demo version is one thing, a production environment another. We pay a lot of attention to fine-tuning high availability and security at this moment. Of course, everything runs on our super fast and stable Fuga platform so that we can continue to deliver that quality. Therefore it will not be long before a second (larger) group of beta testers receives an invitation to contribute to our EMK platform. So if you’ve signed up, keep an eye on your mailbox!

EMK webinar

Somewhere between the final tests and the launch of the EMK platform, we would like to introduce you to our Enterprise Managed Kubernetes. We want to do this in the form of a webinar. You can then join from your location. We will give a short introduction of Fuga, Enterprise Managed Kubernetes and an extensive demonstration of the EMK platform. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to ask questions. You can then get started well prepared on the day of launch! If you are unable to attend this webinar live, please sign up as well, we will record it in its entirety and send the link afterwards so that you can see it all or watch it again. I am interested in the EMK-webinar

Nice to know

Nice to know

In addition to the Managed Kubernetes Service, or EMK, there is also a lot of demand for Database as a Service. This one was number 2 on your wish list and is a great addition to our EMF. We have therefore started with the first steps in the development.

In the meantime, we are busy behind the scenes with multi-region networking connectivity. We are configuring the network stack with various tools in an IaaS and DevOps (NetOps) way. This allows us to manage and monitor even better routing, load balancing and security for the different (upcoming) regions. As nerds, that makes us very happy.

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It’s a short newsletter this time. We are busy with a lot but have (still) little to show off. Our attention is - at this time - mainly focused on two projects; Enterprise Managed Kubernetes and CloudFest 2022. Enterprise Managed Kubernetes (EMK) in Fuga Cloud In the previous Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts, we already mentioned some highlights. We are now working at full speed to complete the project, and it promises to be beautiful.

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