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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #03

Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #03

It’s the first Tuesday of the month again and so it’s time for our newsletter. In addition to the facts, we also have an interview with Marino for you, you may have talked to him through the chat, this is an opportunity to read more about him. Are you missing something on our site or in our newsletter? Then we would like to hear your wishes and tips for manuals, content or functionalities that you still have on your wish list via an email to hello@fuga.cloud.

Regio Frankfurt

What is it with Frankfurt?

If you follow us on Social Media (see links in the footer) you have probably already seen a few posts in which we refer to Frankfurt and Germany. It’s not because it’s summer or vacation. We do have a route to Frankfurt in the nearby future, just with different intentions.

Read more about the Frankfurt region

Tutorial: set up https ingress for kubernetes cluster using Traefik

Tutorial: Traefik

Read more about the Frankfurt regionTraefik is versatile, but how to set up? In this fresh tutorial, we will explain step by step how to set up and use Traefik 2 and Let’s Encrypt in a Kubernetes v1.18 cluster to secure your service with HTTPS.

Start tutorial: setup HTTPS ingress for Kubernetes cluster using Traefik

No incidents reported

No incidents reported

No incidents, so no news? As long as everything is running, it often remains silent. But in the meantime, we will continue to monitor everything closely. But if the status dashboard shows no incidents in recent months and “green uptime blocks” throughout the year, then we are just simply proud of that!

Check the status dashboard yourself"

Uptime 99.99% SLA


An SLA of 99.99% uptime or an SLA of 99.999% uptime, what’s the difference? Does a 9 more or less behind the dot matter that much? We have listed the actual downtime times that is associated with the different uptime percentages for you.

Find out how long your down with 99.99% uptime

Front-end developer

Interview with Marino

Marino is our versatile man who takes care of a lot of tickets from the helpdesk, so there is a good chance that you have had contact with him via email or chat. But Marino has much more to offer (and is still doing more than that) in the 6.5 years he has been with Fuga.

Read the interview with Marino

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We have not been idle this past month and therefore have plenty of news to tell you. If you have additional questions, you can always open a chat on our website or send an email to hello@fuga.cloud. At that email address we would also like to receive your wishes and tips for manuals, content or functionalities that you have on your wish list. Fastest storage now scales with our compute flavors Our flavors on AMS2 have been updated.

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