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Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #06

Fuga Cloud Fun & Facts #06

The leaves are falling, autumn has really started, but at Fuga we are not going into a depression. On the contrary! Great weather to get behind the computer and continue developing our platform. Major steps have been taken again and luckily we can show that to you because some of them are live right now.



Some of you have been waiting for it for a while and eagerly awaited this moment; The High-performance GPUs are now available! For multimedia, scientific research, virtual reality, machine learning, gaming and all other applications where high-quality images and speed are indispensable. We use the NVIDIA Tesla T4 (TU104 Graphics processor) and offer:

  • FP16 (half) performance = 65.13 TFLOPS (8:1),
  • FP32 (float) performance = 8.141 TFLOPS,
  • FP64 (double) performance = 254.4 GFLOPS (1:32)

You can read more on our site: https://fuga.cloud/gpu/

I know enough and want to get started with the GPUs right away

Fuga Teams


One account multiple cloud platforms. Did you know that within Fuga Cloud you can manage separate resources and work on one account? All you need is one account where the payment details are completely filled in. You can then add different teams to this account without having to fill in everything for each team. You manage the users per team, so you can also determine who can use which resources or project. And switching between teams is easy, no need to log in again or other moves, just via our team switcher in the dashboard. You can read more on our website: https://fuga.cloud/teams/

I want to create my Team(s)

New Tutorial(s)

Not 1 but 2 new tutorials!

Not only are the possibilities within our platform growing, but the Fuga Academy tutorials also continues to expand. We would therefore like to draw your attention to two brand new tutorials within Netwerk & Infra:

How to set up a private network between two instances a step-by-step explanation of how to set up a private network within OpenStack between two instances How to setup an extra port with Netplan how to set up an extra port with Netplan and how to configure it manually for certain operating systems.

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Fuga Swag

Earn your Fuga Swag

Can you see yourself walking in a Fuga T-shirt or Hoodie? Or do you want to wear the Fuga pins with pride? We have received many nice articles and we are happy to share them with you. But you will have to do something to earn it!

Designed for Developers, Built for Business. That’s Fuga Cloud. Are you also a cloud expert or a hosting Nerd and can you contribute to our platform through a good tutorial? Mail it to us and have a chance to win your own Fuga Swag!

I have a tutorial that’s Fuga Swag worthy!


Customer Appreciation Day

In the previous Fun & Facts we announced it, but now the knowledge sessions (held by CysoFuga CloudSQR.NL en Kings of IT are behind us. It was a modest but successful day. On arrival, many were still a bit uncomfortable given the Covid measures, but the wristbands made it clear to everyone to what extent they wanted to contact. That made it a lot more relaxed. So everyone had a drink at the bar and talked with friends. The knowledge sessions started on time and were so diverse and smooth that time passed quickly. We’ve finished earlier than expected, so we had all the time talking and getting (re)acquainted with each other and each other’s business. The BBQ buffet and the bar provided the inner man, and with the goodie bag under their arm, people could return home satisfied. It was old-fashioned fun and we hope that we can organize meetings more often and more regularly again. Keep following us via the newsletter and socials so you don’t miss the announcement for the next one!

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The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been doing nothing at Fuga these past few weeks. We have been busy with all kinds of improvements and developments. In the background and the “upcoming releases”, so keep an eye on the newsletter because nice things are coming soon. Help us improve ourselves We are only human and therefore we like to receive compliments. But we may learn even more from your questions, comments, and (constructive) feedback.

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